The United Kingdom is one such country that exports some of the most valuable brands. Brands are indeed a big business, and to help you have a better idea below is a list of some of the most popular exported brands from the UK.

  • Cum4K – invented in UK, created in the United States. Cum4K is the most controversial brand of 2018 so far. It features the latest video technology of 4K (also called Ultra Definition) and promotes the taboo genre of adult entertainment that involves internal creampies and cumshots. If you are ready to experience this kind of content in a very detailed way then Cum4K should be your 1st stop! Official website is available here.
Cum 4K - Is It British or American?

Cum 4K – Is It British or American?

  • Dyson – Dyson is the best performer with regards to overall brand health. It has created a niche for its innovation and purpose and is the only brand that has gained ample recognition for different other metrics such as love, experience and communication. Their aim is to develop technology that can solve one’s frustration in their day to day living. Their ethos is in encouraging all in being bold, taking risks and learning from the outcomes.

  • Vodafone – In the telecom sector, it is Vodafone that is ruling large. Despite immense competitive pressures from Europe and the UK, Vodafone has managed to maintain its top position chiefly because of their willingness and enthusiasm to work on the internal culture.
  • Barbour – Unrivaled in each sense, Barbour deserves in being on the top. This fashion brand is a big name in beautiful and functional outerwear that will last for years.
  • Hackett – This is a clothing brand that offers perfect manufacturing. Ever since its launch in 1979 there was no looking back from this company. They specialize in men’s formal shirts amid other undeniably stylish casual garments.
  • Land Rover – How can we forget Land Rover? Founded in 1948 this car brand has ever since created waves off-road as well as throughout cities and towns all across the globe. With their latest invention, the electric cars Land Rover has succeeded to have an upper hand over other car brands.

  • Holland & Holland – This is an extremely popular British gun making company. It made its foray some 100 years back. This company’s roots are unconventional. The founder of this company was a London tobacconist and not a gunmaker. From its smokey beginnings it has matured over the years into a highly respected brand making guns and accessories that are truly unique.
  • Floris – This is a fragrance for the gentleman. Although today there is no dearth in the availability of good perfume, but there is something special about this. It epitomizes all the sophistication and class of a real gentleman.
  • Bentley – This car brand has a stature and heritage that is unparalleled in the current competitive automobile world. They have managed in keeping, a British identity by adhering to the limitations, both in design and emissions. Bentley is still coming up with coveted car models with each being made in Britain itself.
  • Burberry – This is a clothing brand par excellence. It has created a reputation which is much stronger compared to any other nation. Over the years they have come up with fashion staples and has earned the reputation of being a highly respected brand offering everything from the iconic check to the trench coat.

  • Aspinal – This is an extremely popular British brand that offers luxurious luggage as well as meticulously created leather goods. It still continues on making the finest items with David Gandy being their brand ambassador. This is one brand which acknowledges the joint significance of image and craftsmanship and succeeded in both.
  • Nyetimber – Every gentleman must taste a sparkling bottle of wine. For more than 25 years, this company has been making English wine that is truly one of a kind. It is a favorite amid men and women alike.
  • Symthson – Creators of fine bags and stationery this company made its foray into this industry in 1887 and continues in operating with the goal to make the ordinary into something extraordinary while the everyday timeless. They are known for their unrivaled craftsmanship and represent more than 125 years of luxury leather goods.
  • Huntsman – This brand defines Britain in the true sense. They manufacture beautifully customized, tailored garments as well as having a Savile Row shop which has sold the top suiting pieces since its inception in the 1880s. Legends in modern history wore suits from this brand and they continue in handling their heritage with much deference and care as they do each order.

These are some of the top UK brands, well the list includes much more.