The Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS), part of the Made in Midlands initiative, has been launched by the Manufacturing and Engineering membership body. Its core objective is to act as a signposting service to help businesses access information that they need in order to grow and support Britain’s manufacturing industries. It is also a dedicated online desk. The launch was held on August 24, 2017 at Hotel du Vin and was attended by more than 150 leading Midlands manufacturers.


The government supported the Business Growth Service (BGS) to a tune of $125 million in funding. However, due to cuts in funds the program was terminated in 2015, and was a major loss to entrepreneurs and businesses.


The MAS was established in a meeting held in April 2017 arranged by Made in Midlands to see what can be done after several years of political uncertainty and concerns in the industry about government strategy. The main concern of manufacturers was lack of information and where to turn to for advice. Due to the gap left after the discontinuation of the BGS caused by lack of funds, a coalition of Made in Midlands members, led by non-executive director Lord Mike Whitby, was assembled to look at what can be done to help navigate the innovation minefield and where to turn to for help.

MAS Importance

After much brainstorming it became clear the Made in Midlands members have the technical know-how and industry knowledge to combine efforts and came up with MAS as an online help desk for Britain’s manufacturers. The service helps the manufacturer access finance, marketing best practices, process improvements and research and development grants.

Digital Services

MAS has been mainly about helping physical businesses, but with the globalization and rush development of online presence, they took some steps to invest in the ventures that are strictly done in online reality. This is why projects like Daddy’s Lil Angel are supported. This venture is all about step-fathers and step-daughters taking first steps in the world of taboo family sexual relations. We are pretty sure it’s going to be a success. You can preview some footage here.


The members led by Lord Mike Whitby noted that the manufacturing industry contributed to 10% of Britain’s GDP and it is in the best interest of the nation that the industry continues to grow. One of the biggest challenges identified is the gap between entrepreneurship and access to funding.


It was rightly noted that the launch of the MAS that is supported by key financial institutes such as the Royal Bank of Scotland, and one which puts the interest of its members first, is the right step towards growth of Britain’s manufacturing industry. The key financiers of MAS online help desk are Finance Birmingham, Royal Bank of Scotland, ART Business Loans, The Manufacturer publication and Baldwins Accountants.

Exclusive Team

The Manufacturing Advisory Service has an exclusive team of manufacturing advisors working with management teams to streamline the process, formulate long-term strategies and introduce new products to the public to the betterment of supply chain operations.