In the UK, there has been healthy support for start ups, which is appreciable compared to other countries in Europe.

Nevertheless, start-ups need more encouragement and assistance to withstand competition from other fellow start-ups as well as from bigger well established corporate.

This is where an organization like MAS (Manufacturing Advisory Service) can provide help.

What Is Mas And Its Role

masManufacturing Advisory service is a government-run body focused on helping manufacturing companies in England and Scotland. The organization focuses on the small scale and medium scale industries. Its main task is to provide strategic and technical advice to small and medium scale industries based in the UK. The service has accomplished many feats including

  • Improved productivity of participating companies by nearly 30%
  • Reduced waste by about 37%
  • MAS acquired funding of £27 million for a term of 3 years

Formed in 2002, the service functioned just as Business Link but did not have the manufacturing knowledge as the latter.  However, RDAs’ (Regional Development Agencies) abolishment had affected both services negatively. This is because a major part of the funding of MAS was from RDAs while the remaining was done by BIS (Department for business, innovation, and skills).

How Start-Ups Can Benefit From Mas

Start ups in search of the right investment partners and other business setup assistance will find the MAS assistance levels quite beneficial. The role played by MAS for helping companies include

  • Enquiry level provided by a small advisors team spread all over England that combines website support with local knowledge.
  • Provide onsite diagnostic review with new diagnostic tools for manufacturing companies
  • Give training and networking opportunities that include use of social networking platforms and best practices
  • Provide funding for the company up to a maximum of £10,000 based on purpose and size of the company

Start ups in search of the right investment will find the MAS assistance levels quite beneficial

Bigger And Better Mas For Business Growth

The news of shut down of MAS in 2015 came as shock to the business community. However, in 2017 MAS was re-launched when around 150 manufacturing professionals had a meeting in Birmingham. Since manufacturing helps in nearly 10% of GDP in the UK, this move was welcomed by business start-ups. The sector is now a rapidly growing one that faces the challenge of lack of proper financial support. With the re-launch MAS will be able to provide technical capability and in-depth industry knowledge to start-ups.

Businesses can get all the support and industry advice needed ranging from improvement of business process and grants for R&D to ready access to marketing and finance best practices. The assistance provided by MAS can help in the rapid growth of businesses by scaling up the aid they need.

MAS has the potential to strengthen, lead, and help growth of the sector. Since manufacturing makes up nearly half of the exports in Britain, it has more influence on the economy and is therefore vital for start-ups looking to grow to new heights. This is why the major role of MAS is to provide customized advice to businesses, so they grow, thrive, and enhance the competitive spirit and wake up to the growth potential they have.

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