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Before the fall of 2015, Business Growth Services (BGS) provided financial and advisory services to small and medium-sized enterprises. This, however, came to a sudden end with the announcement of a funding cut.

A lot of small and medium industries benefited from the scheme while it lasted. For example, many entrepreneurs were able to bring their business ideas to fruition, while many of the ones already in existence got the advisory service on the technical know-how required to take their establishments to the next level at a subsidized rate.

Businesses faced uncertainty during the months following the announcement of UK exiting from EU

Following the demise of the BGS and its subsidiary schemes, many manufacturers in the UK are scampering for information on how to get funding or advisory services that are invaluable to their business. A lot of business advisors confessed that without the scheme, the majority of the companies they worked with would not have been able to pay for their services. has gone the extra mile to pool this information from different sources and bring it into your reach.

You will not imagine the myriads of opportunities out there. The major setback manufacturers and intending entrepreneurs face in the UK is the lack of information and is poised to bridge that gap. Whenever there is an opportunity for small and medium-scale industries to key into, will bring you the information.

There is a false notion that you will need to have thousands of pounds to be able to start a business in the UK. This is far from the truth. There are lots of companies out there that began their epoch-making journey with less than £1,000 and one of them is Virgin Group. Peering into the life of Branson and how he built his business from next to nothing is not only motivational but will tell you how much easy it is to start and succeed at a business in the UK

The economy remains fluid despite the tension that the exit from the Union brought about

With the June 2016 referendum, panic and anxiety have gripped the business community in the UK. There is a growing concern of the pros and cons of this decision. Manufacturers and service providers are still weighing their gains and losses from the decision as well as analyzing how the decision would affect them in the long run. Following the aftermath of the referendum, there were reports on investors pulling out of the UK economy because of fears that their decision will attract a whiplash from the EU community.

The UK currently has the EU as its primary export destination. This long-standing relationship is bound to be altered come May 2019 when the UK should have been severed from the rest of the EU nations.

Hitherto, there has been a speculation that there are not many manufacturers in the UK – but we know that is not true. The manufacturing industry in the UK is robust and cuts across a vast amount of products like vehicles, plastic, and pharmaceutics. is determined to help manufacturers in the UK with invaluable information that will help them maintain their dominance in the export industry.