New funds for small businesses innovating in energy, water, waste and open data

Start-up firms and small and medium-sized businesses are set to receive a £1.1 million innovation boost to help them develop new ideas, improve processes and target new markets through the provision of the Technology Strategy Board's Innovation Vouchers.

The Innovation Vouchers scheme was launched in September 2012 providing £5,000 to businesses to develop ideas applicable to Agri-food, Built Environment and Space.

Additional funding is now available for businesses intending to use public open data to commercialise their ideas and develop products and prototypes.

The vouchers are also being extended for businesses with innovation ideas in the areas of energy, water and waste.

Vouchers will be allocated every three months, with 100 Vouchers across the themes each quarter.

An additional £1.1 million is now available for open data over the next two years.

Applications for Innovation Vouchers may be submitted at any time.

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