Involved in structural steelwork? BS EN 1090-1 & CE marking a MUST!

BS EN 1090-1 will shortly become mandatory for all manufacturers involved in structural steelwork. This includes products such as steel sections, bolts, welding consumables and fabricated steel components that are used in building, bridges, highways or other civil engineering projects. If this applies to your business, get in touch now! MAS can help, and fund part of the cost.

CE Marking of Structural Steelwork

CE Marking of structural steelwork is a declaration by you, the manufacturer, that your product meets certain public safety requirements. The public safety requirements are a set of Essential Characteristics that each product must satisfy and these characteristics are given in the product’s harmonised standard.

The standard that covers CE Marking of structural steelwork is BS EN 1090-1. This standard was published in 2009, accepted in 2010 and will shortly become mandatory in most European Countries including the UK.


When does it come in to force?

The deadline for the mandatory CE Marking of fabricated steelwork is 1st July 2014. After this date it will be illegal to trade fabricated steelwork and related products on the European market. CE Marking is regulated by criminal law and the penalties for not CE Marking or incorrect CE Marking, if found guilty, are a fine, imprisonment or both. Potentially, however, the greatest impact could be on your business, which could be closed until the proper certification is in place, and be forced to recall non-complying products already on the market.

How do I become qualified for CE Marking?

Those affected by CE Marking must put in place a Factory Production Control system (FPC) described in BS EN 1090-1 and have the system certified by a Notified Body (such as the Steel Construction Certification Scheme).

With no time to spare it is essential that all those affected start the process of gaining certification for CE Marking as soon as possible.  Visit to find out more.

How can MAS help?

MAS has held events to help understand the business requirements to be ready for the 1st July 2014,  we've kept users informed though our communications and assisted with advice and support.


With no time to spare, the deadline was the 1st of July 2014,  it is important you act as soon as possible to address CE marking.

Get in touch now, call 0845 658 9600 or email for guidance on CE Marking.

For more detailed information visit

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