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Our guidance for consultants who would like to deliver projects on behalf of MAS.

MAS WORKS to support growth in England’s SME manufacturing sector, and can provide up to 50% funding (from £300 to £3000) for consultancy projects to help increase your manufacturing client’s competitive edge.

If you're a consultant working with manufacturing small to medium businesses to deliver consultancy improvement projects you may be able to help your client (the manufacturer) access funding towards the project.

MAS is able to consider funding projects that look at virtually any aspect of business from products, processes and people to the supply chain and the markets operated in.

How MAS works with consultants

The MAS funding process is quick and simple, with only a two-page form to complete, and a typical grant application is signed off in under a week.

Put simply, this makes it more affordable for you to get projects moving and keep costs to a minimum…  We want to ensure a maximum return on the bottom line for manufacturers.  Your client, the manufacturer, is in control… they choose the consultant and they choose the project that will help grow their business.  MAS will support it*.

The MAS Process to access match-funding

Your manufacturing client contacts us

A MAS Advisor will:

  • Contact your client for an initial discussion and if appropriate arrange to visit their manufacturing business
  • Undertake a short business review of the manufacturer, during the visit, and talk through their identified improvement areas
  • Support the manufacturer with easy to complete, grant application paperwork and the selection process of a consultant/trainer if required please note to deliver a MAS project the consultant of choice must be on the MAS DIRECTORY, they choose who to work with
  • Identify the priorities with the manufacturer, quantifying and qualifying the anticipated outcomes and benefits
  • Measure the benefits to your client's business when the project is completed

Register on the MAS Directory

The MAS Directory is an on-line searchable directory provided by MAS for manufacturers to find the most suitable specialist to address their specific manufacturing challenges, so the first step to working with us is to get yourself registered today. (Please note this is an external website )

Register here


What Manufacturing Businesses are Eligible for match funding?

We work with many types of manufacturers who vary in size and operate in various sectors, funded support can be accessed by small to medium sized businesses.

If the manufacturer meets the eligibility criteria and the project is in scope then your client should contact MAS before embarking on the project.

How will manufacturers find you

The directory is open for all to search regardless of company size.

What's the scope of consultancy projects we can support?

Since January we are able to offer a wider range of support, we don't just deliver lean anymore, our scope is much wider, we focus on supporting projects with feasible growth.

To find out if your client's business would qualify for grant funding to towards an improvement project visit who we can help or call our helpdesk.

To see the the scope of projects you could provide see our subsidised consultancy support for SMEs or visit our services page or email us.

Can I refer a client to MAS with project in mind?

Yes!  Simply complete the MAS Referral Form and email it to the relevant contact (See form content for details).  We'll get in touch and confirm if the project is in scope and if the company is eligible.


Still unsure?

If you are still unsure if you can work with MAS and if your client would be eligible for match funding assistance your can call 0845 658 9600 or email us

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